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A Stellar Choice For Kids: The Magical Glow of a Galaxy Projector

A galaxy projector can provide a diverse range of benefits for kids. Here are 3 of the main reasons parents invest:


1) Calmer and Easier Sleep

Firstly, and the most common reason parents invest in our products, is that a galaxy projector provides a calming and mesmerizing ambience that can help promote better quality sleep, especially for young children that are scared of the dark. The soothing amber-hued stars can help kids feel safe and secure in their own environment, encouraging them to relax and drift off like the satin moons.


2) Improved Family Time

A galaxy projector can also help encourage family time where you can snuggle up together and watch the stars shine brightly above with no outside distractions. A truly imaginative and stimulating environment where the whole family can gather to relax. The projector can create a heavenly haven in any room, be it a bedroom, living room, nursery or playroom.


3) Help take their focus off their devices!

 It can also help children to appreciate the outdoors and take notice of the night sky, teaching them to appreciate the beauty of the stars. The mesmerizing twinkle of the stars will naturally draw their attention and captivate them as they watch the bright stars slowly fade in and out of view. 


How does it work?

Our Galactic Night Starry Projector also allows you to adjust the brightness of the stars and the speed of the rotation, so you can create a setting that works best for your children. Furthermore, the sleep timer allows you to switch off the projector (2 or 4 hrs) automatically, well after your little one is deep in dreamland. All of these features make the projector great for developing children's imagination as they stare up in awe at the sky-like images above them.


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